Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment and Go-kart equipment for children and grown-ups

Radne Motor has a wide range of professional personal equipment for those who drive go-karts and are between 8-15 years old. We have been in the business for 50 years and therefore knows what's required. Our range is wide and you will find shoes, helmet and much more in our store.

A large stock allows us to quickly deliver your order. You wont find anything half bad in our range, we only sell the best. Give your son or daughter a tailored suit. We help you with the design and measurements! Do you have any questions about personal go-kart equipment such as helmets, shoes or overalls for children? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us easiest by phone: +46-855 650 690.

Some of the go-kart brands we sell:

Sparco - Founded by two racing drivers from Turin, Italy, in 1977. The goals was to increase the safety in the racing world because there was a lot of accidents in Formula 1 among others at that time. The equipment from this manufacturer are always of high quality and is in the forefront when it comes to safety. A racing suit from Sparco has smart handels for lifting the driver out from the go-kart and has the main zipper positioned in a way that allows more space for sponsors on the chest. Sparco is our best selling brand and by having many of their products in stock, we can deliver quickly.

Arai - Radne Motor is the general agent for this Japanese helmet manufacturer. Arai is the top brad on the market and we always have a large stock of their helmets. The helmets and built by hand and the quality is so high that it is one of the few manufacturers whose helmets are approved for use in Formula 1.

Don't settle for anything but the best go-kart equipment for your child - order it from us and it will go fast and smooth!