Integrity and handling of personal data

The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) is a public authority in place to strengthen the protection and privacy for individuals in the handling of personal data. The DPA works to prevent encroachment upon privacy through information and by issuing directives and codes of statutes.

Radne Motor AB is the owner of the domain and and is responsible for the collection and disclosure of personal data in those cases you have bought products from our website, in our store, on an event or being participated in competitions at social media like Facebook, Instagram or events.

The purpose of collection and disclosure of personal data:

  • Radne Motor AB wants their customers to be able to log-in to “my account” and in a simple way get a clear overview of their products in the cart and easily complete their purchase. We demand that all our customers are over 18 years old.
  • We´re using personal data for marketing activities like statistic, analysis, products, campaigns, services or other information like upcoming events. We are sending our information via newsletters, e-mails or ordinary mail.
  • We´re also sending information about our products, campaigns and other related information to our customers like banners and targeted ads through social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Categories of organisations that gets a part of our personal data:

  • Radne Motor AB does not share any part of our personal data except from result from events and competitions or financial matters.

Transactions of personal data to other countries or organisations:

  • Radne Motor AB does not share any part of our personal data except from results from events and competitions, financial matters or legal processes.

Deadline for deletion of personal data:

  • If you´re no longer want to be registered in our systems, please contact us: or
  • Radne Motor AB, Markörgatan 2, 136 44 Handen, Sweden.

  • We highly prioritise this type of incoming requests and guarantee that your personal data will be deleted in two months from that day we received your request*. Please notice that we always send a e-mail to confirm that we´ve received your incoming request within seven days. We are not saving personal data longer than necessary. 

  • *Radne Motor AB reserves the right to deny deleted data if you´re in a financial process or other legal processes with Radne Motor AB. 

Description of safety measures:

We do not share personal data with other companies. All information will be safetly secured.

Adjustments of Integrity and handling of personal data

We reserve the right to adjust the terms/content of "integrity and handling of personal data". All information about changes will be published directly here on our website. 

Questions? Please contact us: